We have highly qualified professionals for the development of architectural projects at different scales.


We develop new construction or refurbishment projects for residential, hotel or commercial use. Our experience allows us to guarantee the quality of the project, in the design, economic control and viability. Each project is customized, taking into consideration the functional program and your needs, with a close relationship to achieve the objectives.

Energy consulting

Due to ever-increasing energy costs, regulatory requirements, and technological progress, we are continuously improving our vision in creating more sustainable buildings. Even with a view to create near-zero energy solutions, at Passivhaus level.

Construction management

Construction management is always carried out with the main objective of preserving the projected quality and compliance with standards, for the peace of mind of all parties involved.

Building site coordination

We offer a building site coordination service, which includes the preparation of comparatives, negotiation of budgets and drafting of the execution contracts. We prepare the execution schedules and ensure strict compliance with time and financial forecasts.


With this service, we turn any interested party into a professional developer.


We develop activity projects for the opening of businesses, advising the investor with administrative documentation and we adapt the premises to facilitate the implementation of the activity. DDArquitectura seeks the highest profitability for your business.

Expertises and reports

Thanks to our experience in construction management, contract drafting, and our continuous desire to improve technical solutions, we are highly qualified to offer our expertise service for any legal matter related to construction.